About us

About Us

Alex has always loved cars and from a young age he wanted to pursue a career that would help him to work with them. He started his own business in 2006 and when he saw his clients happy, the passion for his work grew all the more. He works mostly in the Tulare County area, about a 50 mile radius from Visalia along with other counties like Fresno, Kern and Kings. He was working only on cars initially but decided to expand his business and started to work on other segments like commercial and residential window tinting in 2012.

What sets Alex Window Tint apart him apart from its competitors is that Alex Window Tint can customize their services according to the needs of the client. Car windows come in all shapes and sizes and so do the windows of commercial and residential buildings. Alex can practically work on every kind of window, never ever compromising on quality. All the windows are computer cut --also known as digital cuts that are accurately measured. All his window tints also come with a lifetime warranty.

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