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Taking care of your new vehicle is ones first priority when we first get it. Making sure is not only running good, but also looking good. We are never really ready to deal with our vehicle’s paint getting chipped. It can be one of the toughest things to deal with because not only does it seem like a scar on the face of a beautiful vehicle but also because touch ups can cost a lot, depending on the model and the color. We use Car Shield Pro -a one of a kind car paint protection film that protects the paint from scratches, chips, abrasions, stains, dirt and pollution and even bird dropping stains.

Car Paint Protection In Visalia

Clearshield® Pro Paint Protection Film: The Best Protection You Will Never See.

With Clearshield Pro paint protection film you won’t need to worry about chips, scratches or stains any longer.

Car Paint Visalia

The Benefits are Clear with our Industry-Leading Paint Protection Film:

The protective film is clear and transparent and a third person would not even notice that it is there. And yet you would be amazed how clean your car body stays for a long period of time, with the paint not being chipped off with the slightest hits with a branch scratching against the body, or even in torrential downpour. The film is also resistant against minor fires like cigarette stubs, debris and similar other natural agents. Unlike other layered top coats, the Clear Shield Pro sticks seamlessly to the Urethane Film and it provides much longer protection than ordinary car protection films. It would be a great investment to make for your beloved car.

Clearshield Pro lets you tailor protection to your vehicle, and the type of driving you do. Protection packages range form basic coverage for the most vulnerable areas, to customized protection that can safeguard virtually your entire vehicle.

Your Clearshield Pro dealer will help you determine the coverage that's best for you. The Standard, Deluxe and Deluxe Plus protection packages use precision ComputerCut patterns. if you want more coverage, or have a unique need, talk to your dealer about adding special custom-cut options for a personalized protection package.

Clearshield Pro Advantages:
1. Optically clear
2. Virtually invisible
3. Won's yellow, crack or peel
4. Easy to maintain
5. Removable if needed

1. Limited 7-year
2. Replacement product and labor
3. National dealer network

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