Commercial Window Tint

Commercial Window Tint

The commercial places like shops and offices should also have degree of privacy and tinting the glasses provide it in right amounts. Most of the high end commercial establishments now prefer tinted windows to also offer privacy for their customers. Alex Window Tint does a great job of working with both big and small establishment and can tint your windows according to your budget.

Our years of experience in the field enable us to understand customer requirements almost at a glance. Our tints also last a lifetime and it’s one of the safest investments that a business could make. We offer affordable rates as well and makes it a point to complete the assignment within the deadline. Call us today and learn why thousands have chosen us for all of their tinting needs.


They tinted my Front windows for my Chevy Malibu. Very fast. Love my vehicle even more

I would highly recommend this location to anyone that is looking for top of the line tint work. The tint is cut precisely to exact specifications of each vehicle's window. No tint being cut along the window with a blade. The work was completed in a timely manner and beautifully applied with no bubbles to every window of my 2017 Honda Accord. Although the cost was a bit more than other cars that I've done in the past, the quality of the work done was superb. Definitely going to be coming back to have the old tint removed and redone on my truck. Thanks again Alex!

Alex and his crew did an amazing job on my 2017 50th Anniversary Camaro. He got me in at the last minute on a Saturday morning, dropped me off and picked me up, AND washed my car! Great price, excellent customer service, very professional. I highly recommend Alex Digital Window Tinting and will always have him do my cars in the future.

This is the best place to get your windows tinted. I was lucky enough to get the referral directly from the Honda dealership. I was able to call and get in right away. The team was welcoming and friendly when I arrived. My family and I were visiting from out of state and we were able to get a ride to a close by shopping mall and get picked up once it was done. Alex and his team made sure we got the after care instructions and understood the warranty. They are the best I have ever used, and all the cars I have ever owned have had the windows tinted.

These guys do a great job! Very impressed. Professional and very good service. They even washed my car. I highly recommend them.

Dropped car off. Took about 3 hours. Digitally cut tint so it's a perfect fit for your car. Any grade tint you want. When he gets all done he washes and treats your car. Amazing work and extra for a good price.

Awsome service, grade A quality. He knows his stuff and very passionate about his job. Thanks Alex.

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